” I got back into action, reconnected with my friends and even set up my own business:
I was struggling with crippling depression from 2015 to 2016. It reached a point where I was unable to carry out daily tasks and would spend hours in isolation in a dark room.
I had already undergone several years of psychotherapy to help me cope with my issues and although it did provide some comfort, I couldn’t overcome the demons in my mind.
I set aside my reluctance for medications and met Dr. Sonawalla in mid 2016 because it was getting too much to bear and I was close to giving up. I was touched by her warmth and compassion. She listened to my story patiently and I never felt she was rushing me. She also agreed to consult me over Skype since I didn’t live in India.
Dr. Sonawalla and her team went out of their way and took great care of me. Regular online consultations helped track my response to the medications. After a couple weeks of adjusting to the meds, I started stabilising and felt much lighter. It felt like the dark clouds made way for better days. I could think clearly and focus on the positive. I got back to action, reconnected with my friends and even set up my own business. With the positive mindset, I was also able to address the deep rooted issues more effectively.
I wish I had sought out Dr. Sonawalla’s help sooner. If anyone is battling depression, please don’t allow any misguided perception on medications stop you. Dr. Sonawalla’s care, regular follow-ups and prescriptions played a big role in my healing process. It got me out of the abyss so that I could move forward. When I look back, I can’t recognise the person I was – timid, anxious, and constantly agitated. Although there may be dips in my mood every now and then, today I am a stronger person and am more equipped to handle it without getting overwhelmed.
Thank you, Dr. Sonawalla for your kindness, generosity and care. I have slowly been able to put my life back together and for that I am eternally grateful to you. “
a 30 year old businesswoman
” rTMS treatment was most effective for me and gave me a push in the right direction:
My name is Poojan and I am 25 years old. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety disorder for the last 5 years. It all started after I finished my education and came back from the UK in 2011. I had suddenly stopped feeling all my emotions and all I saw was sadness around me. I had no control over my emotions, I would burst into tears at any time of the day because I would feel sad from the time I woke up in the morning. There was nothing that made me happy.
I would get panic attacks every day and always would be anxious and tense about the smallest of things. It was difficult for me to step out of my house and go out to a place where there were unknown people (restaurants, concerts, family gatherings, parties, offices) because all these places would create a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. Those panic attacks were so bad that I would puke because of anxiety, my heartbeat would rise so fast that I felt like I had a heart attack, would get heavy chest palpitations, my head would get so heavy that I felt I would break down at any point of time. Every day I woke up for the last 5 years, I saw no hope and did not feel like going through the day with this mindset. The thought of me being like this for the rest of my life was horrible, as I felt helpless for the first in my life.
I was on medications and counselling for the last 5 years which did make these symptoms less but it still was not enough to make me feel constantly better for more than a week.
It was just 2 months back that I started with rTMS under Dr. Shamsah Sonawalla which has given me a push in the justify direction. When I started the treatment I went without any expectations as I had tried everything and I was just giving this a shot. But it turned out to be the most effective remedy for me. I went through 40 sessions and I feel quite at ease with myself now and I feel a sense of calmness that I had never felt in the last 5 years. I have started thinking rationally, positively and I can construct my thoughts. I have started feeling capable again. It is very easy for me to leave my house and go out and take on life and all the real problems that come with it. Anxiety does linger a little bit but it does not stop me from doing my regular activities. I am at a level where I can work better than I have ever done. My ideas and creativity are flowing better. It has given me a platform to grow every day with a calm and positive mindset. It has given me the much-needed confidence to go out there and work so that I can create the self-esteem that was shattered in these last 5 years.
I really want to thank Dr. Shamsah Sonawalla for showing faith in me and helping me go through this treatment. Also would like to thank the staff of the TransMag team who guided me and kept me positive through the entire treatment. “
Poojan P
a 25 year old young entrepreuner
” rTMS treatment really saved my life:
Having a mental illness can be hard. Well, that would be an understatement. My anxiety destroyed every single aspect of my life. My career, my relationships, my schedule- just my ability to eat, drink, even breathe like a normal person. You see, when you are as mentally ill as I was- every second is a struggle. You could be given all the luxuries in the world but if your own mind works against you, what point is it?
But I’m not here to just rant about all the pain I went through. I’m here to tell you just how much this doctor changed my life. I’m here to tell you that there is still hope. A relationship between a psychiatrist and a patient can be delicate. It’s not as simple as having a heart problem or a broken bone. To actually make use of the help you get you need to be able to connect with the doctor. To be vulnerable. To be open. And Dr. Sonawalla is a professional that makes everything easy. She makes recovery effortless- all you have to do is be yourself, be open, and be honest.
rTMS really saved my life. No, I’m not miraculously cured and it’s not that I don’t have any more anxiety or depression in my life. I still do. It’s just that I don’t spiral out of control the way I used to. My ability to live normally has improved, thanks to rTMS and Dr. Sonawalla. I thank Lord Shiva every single day for Dr. Sonawalla. This probably sounds like an exaggeration, but it isn’t. There’s so much intricacy and depth when it comes to the mind. There are so many different types of problems, different intensity of problems, different ways to approach the problems. She’s not one of those psychiatrists that will shut you up by putting philosophy in your face. She understands. She sees beyond all the stigmas and biases. She doesn’t blame. She doesn’t judge. She doesn’t cut you off. She listens. And the way she listens…you know she’s going to be able to truly help you. Every symptom, every single pain- she understands. And understanding- that’s the ultimate key to a doctor’s treatment.
I am so grateful to God for helping me discover the TransMag clinic. And the least I can do is share my experience so others can benefit too. More than anything, there is hope. There is hope. With doctors like this, there is always hope. “
Deepika Mehta
a 21 year old college student
” Since 2011, our son who was then 22 years old was experiencing severe personality changes and mood swings which we were unable to understand and so put them down to normal growing pains. Angry, aggressive, stubborn, apathetic, withdrawn, and negative in his attitude and views were some of the adjectives we used to describe his demeanor, at times interspersed with short periods of relatively normal moods. In other words, we would tread on eggshells around him, and at times felt that the very fabric of our family life was tearing apart. In 2015 things came to a head, and our Son finally said he needed help because at times he thought of harming himself. Through that year, we consulted an eminent (unnamed) psychiatrist, and neither his consultations nor medications were of any help at all. In frustration, our Son stopped taking the medication and his symptoms worsened. In the depths of despair, in 2016 we finally commenced consultations with Dr. Sonawalla. Here, we wish to emphasize that after his very first consult with her, our Son came home calmer and said “For the first time in my life I feel taken care of”. Through a series of thorough testing and investigations, Dr. Sonawalla and her team diagnosed a Bipolar Disorder, and she began his treatment of RTMS, counseling, along with carefully metered and monitored medication. After just six months of treatment, we saw a profound change in our Son. His mood swings had stabilized and his personality changed — he was calmer, relatively happier, more engaged in day to day events, and even affectionate towards us. We felt that we had finally found our Son again. Dr. Sonawalla has been a Godsend for our family. Her gentle and caring approach, along with her valued guidance and treatment has helped to heal our Son and made our family whole once again, and for this, she will have our eternal gratitude. “
Grateful Parents
” I was suffering from depression for almost two years due to a traumatic family issue and had been prescribed anti-depressants plus had sessions in counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy for a long time. Nothing helped and I had a feeling of this dark heavy cloud pressing on me which I just could not shrug off. I felt I had lost my capability to be happy and negative thoughts would resonate constantly in my mind. Outwardly I behaved fine with friends and family but felt so miserable and darkly depressed inside.
I heard about rTMS from a friend during a casual conversation so made an appointment to meet Dr Sonawalla. As I was reluctant to go back on anti-depressants, she explained the treatment to me in detail and I started the sessions immediately. I just do not know how but after 4 or 5 sessions I felt the cloud had lifted. After so many months of negative thoughts, I felt positive and happy when I woke up in the mornings. After a few more sessions I became much less reactive to situations and could actually look back and clearly understand what I had become in the last year. This was amazing and helped me to handle situations better and look at my situation from my family’s perspective.
After 15 sessions I felt positive, slept better and my energy and motivation were back. I have subsequently completed my treatment and am so very thankful that I took the step to go and meet Dr. Sonawalla. She was very professional but warm and patient and this has given me the confidence to go back to her immediately if I ever need help again. If I could give one bit of advice to other people enduring a battle with depression, it will be this: Get help as you owe it to yourself and do consider rTMS as a treatment option. See it as an investment in your happiness. “
” I could not speak up for myself for many years. If someone said something hurtful, I could not respond; even after 2-3 days, I’d still keep thinking of an answer to it. I would sit quietly in a room and not talk to anyone. I lacked confidence, had difficulty conversing, and hardly spoke. My thinking and my movements had slowed down a lot. My mood was very low. I was very sensitive and I would feel very bad all the time. I had to push myself to do even day to day things. At other times, I was angry and irritable. I could not sleep until 3 and 4 a.m. and therefore started taking sleeping pills, which I consumed for over 15 years. I was given many different antidepressants by the doctors. I was taking 8 to 10 different antidepressants and sleeping pills at a time and had many side-effects, and kept feeling worse.
I met Dr. Sonawalla a few months ago and started rTMS treatment. After the rTMS course, I am more than 80% better. I can speak up for myself in a nice way immediately and I am more enthusiastic. My mood has become much better. I am interested in doing so many activities. I walk daily, play volleyball, and carom. My anger and irritability have reduced and my appetite has improved. My speed of doing things has improved and I have stopped taking sleeping pills. I am cheerful and much happier. I am confident in myself now. My interactions and relationships with others have become much better. My husband says that this is the best that he has ever seen me and that I am even better than I was when we got married!! I am very grateful to Dr. Sonawalla and her team for helping me to feel so much better after so many years of depression. “
a 64 year old housewife
” Nothing in the world made any sense to me. Everything seemed haywire. I blamed myself for making all kinds of wrong decisions, blamed my parents for ruining my life. It seemed like I was living the life of a cursed teenager again. I lost interest in not only myself but the things that I loved the most – cooking, sipping on tea, clicking photographs. There were days when I wouldn’t care about combing my hair or putting on kajal. I put on a lot of weight. I felt irritable, moody, worthless, lonely, and did not feel like living. My marriage was on the verge of being over due to constant fights, with serious talks of separation and divorce. I wanted to start a family, but it seemed like an impossible dream.
This is when my husband and I approached Dr. Sonawalla at the suggestion of a close friend. Dr. Sonawalla and her team listened to me patiently and never judged me, they were very understanding and caring.
I was reluctant to take medication and I started rTMS treatment. The 20 sessions of rTMS changed me. How I don’t know, but it changed my perspective towards being so negative. I started sleeping well by the end of 5-6 sessions of rTMS and felt fresh in the mornings. Gradually, through the remaining sessions, my mood swings started to decrease. I started eating healthy, was feeling positive, and started handling situations better and I felt happier with small things. I looked at situations from the other persons’ perspective and realized what he/she must be feeling or going through. I realized that life has more to offer and mostly good things, which you tend to overlook when you are depressed.
I started working again, and also reading, walking, doing yoga, cooking, baking, gardening, socializing, traveling! I started spending time with my husband and am very happily married. I have stayed well post rTMS (without medication) for a year and a half now. And I am delighted to share that I am now pregnant with our first baby. We are overjoyed and our families are very emotional and thrilled! My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sonawalla and the TransMag team for changing my life totally and completely. Had it not been for their support and timely rTMS sessions, my husband and I, and our families would not have been this happy today. “
a 28 year old fashion designer
” Before starting rTMS treatment at TransMag Clinic, I had been feeling worthless, lethargic, shattered and I had no desire to continue with life, I had no faith and no hope in the future. The staff at the clinic immediately made me feel welcome and were very hospitable. The doctor is an angel, she is very pleasant and has a very professional yet warm nature. I underwent rTMS therapy over a period of four weeks by the doctor and her team. I started feeling a little better in the second week and much better after the four weeks of treatment. Now, I feel as though I’m cured of my depression. I feel like a brand new person, I feel as though I can cope with any hardships which may come my way and my zest for life has returned. I am so excited to pursue my dreams for the future and I feel as though I have a second chance at life. Thank you to everyone at TransMag Clinic for changing my life as you have. “
Rene’ Zoe
” I had been suffering from severe clinical depression for the last 8 years. I tried all medications but they didn’t work and gave me severe side-effects. I was very much reluctant to go out and socialize especially during the evening time. I started rTMS treatment at Dr. Sonawalla’s clinic in Mumbai and the treatment has done wonders for me. My family has also seen a drastic change in me. I am delighted that my anti-depressants could be brought down after rTMS treatment to a quarter of the dose and only one medication! I have started socializing also to some extent. I am personally very much satisfied with the treatment and would recommend rTMS to all suffering from depression as a non-medication induced treatment. I thank the doctor for her valued consultation, guidance, and treatment. “
a business magnate
” I was suffering from the medical condition ‘depression’ wherein I was completely lost in terms of my professional and personal life, for three and a half years. I visited several psychiatrists, but their prescribed medicines did not help me and in fact, made the situation worse due to side-effects. Dr. Sonawalla had started rTMS treatment in Mumbai. In the first visit, after hearing my story, she briefed me about rTMS. Initially, I was skeptical about the results but decided to go ahead. I felt a little better after the 9th session. But after the the14th session, to my surprise, I started feeling significantly better and started regaining my normal life, for the first time in three and a half years. After that Dr. Sonawalla reduced the medicines gradually. By the 20th rTMS session, I felt even better and started working in a productive manner. I will say that Dr. Sonawalla gave me a second life and the confidence to live life again. Human life is precious and that is exactly what Dr. Sonawalla gave me. She not only saved my life but also the lives of my family members who are dependent on me. I would strongly recommend this life-changing treatment to all patients with depression. “
35 year old entrepreuner
” Before starting rTMS treatment, I was on antidepressants for almost five years, mostly on high doses and sometimes three to four medicines at a time. Although I felt better, I was never completely alright. I was constantly stressed and irritable. I could not concentrate and hadn’t read a book in five years! I would cry easily and feel overwhelmed. After starting rTMS, I began feeling an improvement in a few sessions and started feeling like my normal self after 15 sessions. I do not feel stressed or depressed now. I have been able to taper my medicines – for the first time in five years. I have started taking things positively. I’ve also started reading books again and can complete books quite quickly, just like I used to until five years ago! Feel truly 100% better, no less no more. “
45 year old homemaker
” Speaking as an experienced businessman, I was confronting a grave financial crisis – I was feeling very down and troubled and needed a helping hand. I was fortunate to come in contact with Dr. Shamsah Sonawalla and the Trans Mag Well-Being team. Barely two weeks after starting rTMS, there was a marked improvement in my mind-set, motivational level, and ability to plan. Now my optimism is back, planning is good, and my exercise routine has become great. The personalized, professional assessments and rTMS sessions have truly enhanced the quality of my life and I can take things in my stride. Almost everyone knows when they are feeling physically unwell with symptoms such as congestion, body ache, high fever, or even more serious symptoms. We do not hesitate to visit doctors and take treatment. But quite often, we do not know how to recognize and deal with symptoms of stress, anxiety, fear, depression, and a loss of confidence. That’s when you need professional help, from someone who knows how to lend a helping hand. From the moment you meet Dr. Shamsah and the Trans Mag Team, you will instinctively know, you have done the right thing. “
60 year-old businessman